It dates back to sometime in 2010 when we were on the look out for deploying an ERP for our parent organization. After a lot of thought & trying a lot of systems we zeroed in on SAP Business One. To customize SAP for our needs, we engaged a consulting company. The outcome was not of any quality as they neither had sound knowledge of the software nor any inclination in understanding the dynamics of our organization. This proved costly for us & we were forced to hire an in house team to take care of our needs & customize the ERP according to our requirements.

After a lot of brain-storming, strategizing, customizing, testing & going live with SAP Business One, it stuck our mind that many more organizations are having the same problem & we had all the resources at our disposal to take care of their problems in deploying SAP Business One. This made us to reach out to SAP & they readily agreed to partner with us given our sound knowledge of the ERP, its capabilities & opportunities for the organizations. As SAP partners, we have customized SAP business one for SMEs in many countries across Asia. This partnership between both of us has helped in coming up with innovative strategies that had benefitted our clients in an exceptional way.