Each business has a unique need in its overall internal processes. While SAP BusinessOne will cover most of the business needs, there are always certain business features which you wish you had. Having such features will help enhance the efficiency down to the micro-level. Plus, add-ons also help you leverage the boundless capabiliy of SAP BusinessOne, and make it work for you exactly the way you want it.

Whatever your business, add add-ons to your SAP BusinessOne Solution. You will never have to make compromises in your business, ever!

Add that contains everything related tot the construction industry such as

Bill of Quantity
Helps you add project-based BOQ that can do the costing using Master Rate Analysis that includes rate analysis for both masters and for a particular project comprising Material, Labour, Equipment, Sub-contract and others.

Includes Estimation & Measurement Book. Measurement Book contains features like client measurement & client billing.

Includes a host of features like Tender Document, BOQ Preparation, Tender quotation, Tender Comparison, Tender Negotiation / Rate Edit, Work Order Preparation, Measurement Book Entry, Sub Contractor Billing.

It is a Windows application for pharmacy retail sales, which mainly contains sales, purchase, finance and reports. This application is authenticated by providing login credentials. It contains complete details about medicines like batch, expiry and price. Based upon the quantity bill will be generated for the customers. Generation of reports will be done for sale, cash and stock. It is integrated with SAP Business One.

Data synchronisation from Point of Sale (Pharma) to SAP B1 via this add-on mainly developed for automatic creation of sale invoices based upon the items, inventory transfers from store-to-store and incoming payments based upon sale invoices.

Item creation based on various parameters like design, style, color, size, price. It is used to update the price in price lists for items created with this application. Can also customize P.O in calculating MRP based on unit price, discount, tax parameters and updation of calculated MRP in price list if needed.

Payroll Process Management is a SAP B1 add-on mainly developed for calculating employee salaries, TADA, loans based upon employee earnings and deductions. It includes automatic generation of salary statements in pdf format through mails for the employees. Reports will be generated for all the employees based upon all branches, categories. Also reports like ESI, PF, Loan etc. will be generated.

This AddOn will used for create bulk of special credit notes to distributors(customers) based on their target and achievement with approval processor.

This is integrated with SAP Business One. With this add-on, we can post the Sales Order to Broker and Sales Invoice to Customer with reference of Sales Order Document. In Purchase Process, we post the Purchase Order to Broker  and Purchase Invoice to Vendor with reference of Purchase Order Document.

This is integrated with SAP Business One. This is used to send SMS for a particular customer/vendor whenever a sale/ purchase order, payments are made.

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