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If there is one SAP Partner who makes your life hassle-free & helps you in providing an ERP solution that bumps up your revenues with minimal effort, wouldn’t you partner with them? Welcome to SAP Business One where every business function, every insight, every action & every penny you can make is just a click away. Aswini Integrated Technologies as SAP Partners have helped many conglomerates to minimize their wastage, increase their profit margins, automate their business functions & keep track of every penny by leveraging the latest of technological innovations in the sphere of ERPs & their application to various business functions.

For instance, a major cosmetic / hair-care giant has doubled his business operations in a span of 3 years after partnering with us and deploying SAP Business One. For a client from electronics & consumer durables industry, our automation strategies has decreased the service times by more than 33%. This was result of more than a decade of experience, connecting several dots related to business technology and some learning experiences along the way. And Now! Let us come up with some amazing ERP strategies tailor-made to your business be the growth drivers in your business story!

  • SAP Partners are the ones who help thier customers when it is needed the most

How do we help you with SAP Business One?

Though SAP Business One can help you in many ways, choosing the right SAP partner unlocks the true potential of your business. SAP Partners like us come with huge domain experience in the field if business technologies thanks to our experience in deploying the ERP for 20 Plus organizations cutting across industries. We can help you in solving the existing pain points, any immediate threats or scaling up your systems to help you scale up your business operations.  With our proven expertise in the technologies & the mechanism of SAP Business One, we can come up detailed strategies according to [...]

  • SAP Partners in discussions with the client on implementation of SAP Business One

What made SAP to Partner with us?

It dates back to sometime in 2010 when we were on the look out for deploying an ERP for our parent organization. After a lot of thought & trying a lot of systems we zeroed in on SAP Business One. To customize SAP for our needs, we engaged a consulting company. The outcome was not of any quality as they neither had sound knowledge of the software nor any inclination in understanding the dynamics of our organization. This proved costly for us & we were forced to hire an in house team to take care of our needs & customize [...]

  • With our strong functional knowledge, we are the proven SAP Partners in customizing SAP Business One

Why did we choose SAP as our partners?

The reason is pretty obvious. We wanted to partner with the world leaders in Business Technologies. SAP is a company that revolutionized the ERP scenario world over with its innovation that has resulted in a paradigm shift for the prospects of many business organizations in the world. It opened numerous avenues and gave rise to opportunities for many organizations. Being an SAP partner gives us the stealth to go ahead and apply our innovative strategies that result in changing the way an organization goes about it’s business. Having tried and tested many Business Systems & ERPs in the past 25 [...]

12 Reasons you should choose us as your SAP Partners

There is a popular notion that customizing & implementing an ERP can take ages. This is right to a very large extent as most of the consulting companies customizing an ERP will have very limited knowledge of the capabilities of SAP B1 or they might have worked on very few industries. The moment a new industry comes across, they find themselves in a deep soup because of the the lack of diverse industry knowledge.

As SAP Partners with more than a decade of experience in customizing ERPs, our hands-on knowledge of the SAP framework combined with diverse industry experience. This reflects in the speed of implementation as we spend quality time on strategizing to derive maximum benefits than wasting a lot of time on figuring out the basic feature of the ERP.

The pricing of implementing SAP B1 is divided into five parts. They are

  • Software Licenses
  • Implementation /Customization Cost
  • Deployment Cost
  • Add-On Cost
  • Annual Maintenance Cost

Our job as your partners in implementing the ERP is to help you choose the right package based on your business size & it’s long-term objectives. The implementation cost charged by us for customizing & implementing the ERP  depends on the scope of the project. We are extremely transparent & take utmost care at the time of charging any fee.

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SAP loves its users, period! They take every care to make sure that all their users are happy using their system all the time. As SAP Partners, we make sure to provide the best user experience possible by getting in touch with SAP whenever necessary & guys at SAP go out of the way to help us in providing the best possible service to our clients. If there is something that is remarkable with SAP apart from their innovations, it is the customer support & a huge community that is always willing to help its patrons.

If you ask us to name only one reason to go for SAP is their reliability. Reason behind majority of the fortune 500 companies are running on SAP technologies itself explains the reliability of SAP. The support system, the customer care, their regular updates to the product, near zero downtime of systems, data security, speed, functionalities etc. signify the importance of SAP as a reliable product.

The design of SAP is so simple & soothing to the eyes that the user instantly takes to SAP Business One & loves using it. It is a well known fact that SAP spends millions of dollars on R&D to improve its user interface & user experience! As SAP Partners, Our core job is to simplify the whole system  by configuring the User Interface & so that the user experience is so great that the users love to use the system without much resistance. Our creative & hardworking team of UI & UX experts are always striving to make the ERP package an amazing one. As it is not always the utility of having an ERP that defines the success of an ERP but the user feedback about the UI & UX makes or breakes an ERP Systems. The key focus area for any SAP Partner is to make sure that the UI & UX are in place and ease of using the system is at the maximum.

The reason SAP appoints hundreds of partners across the globe, year on year is to take care of the implementation of SAP Business One according to the needs, objectives, budgets and results of an organization that is trying put a system in place to streamline its operations & smoothen its processes. As one the top SAP Partners, our responsibility lies in coming up with path-breaking solutions by understanding your business, it’s long-term & short-term needs and objectives and it’s dependency on various external factors that affect the bottom lines. Solutions are in the form of better process architectures including automation of all the possible processes, identifying all the Key performance indicators and coming up with better monitoring systems that include near accurate forecasting, integration of Artificial Intelligence & machine learning technologies that result in the overall performance of a business in a much better & leaner way.

With more than 10 years of experience, having customized SAP Business One to more than 20 organizations of all sizes & with in-depth knowledge of SAP Business One, we are confident of coming up with most effective ERP customization strategies for your business.

In the current times, with the advent of software for every need, there are chances that every business has a system to keep track of their business in some form of a legacy system or the other. There are times when you feel the software to be a mismatch for your business, an obsolete one or it is just not easy to use & you start looking out for a new ERP like SAP Business One. The first fear that strikes your mind like a thunderbolt is the fate of old business data that was maintained & preserved in some form and the possibility of migrating the data into the new ERP. As proven SAP Partners and having handled such situations a hundred times, we not only make sure that your old data is migrated in SAP Business One but also see that the old data is used in multiple ways to provide quality insights that were not available previously and also resulting in better understanding of your business.

SAP being in the Enterprise Resource Planning business for close to 5 decades now has come a long way in incorporating exhaustive features & functionalities. With it’s reputed R&D division that works continuously in improving the functionalities thereby resulting in better bottom-lines has proved that SAP Business One is the best a business can get.

Functionalities of SAP Business One

  • Accounting, Controlling, Banking and reconciliation, Financial reporting and analysis for the Finance divison of an organization
  • Master data management, Procurement, Warehouse and accounting integration and Up-to-date reporting for the Operations department
  • Warehouse and inventory management, Bin location management, Goods receipt and issue control, Production and material, requirements planning and Efficient reporting for the division taking care of inventory
  • Sales opportunity management, Campaign management, Customer management and Service management for the sales Divison
  • And finally Access to critical information with integrated analytic and reporting tools, Gather data from multiple sources from across all Financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations to generate timely and accurate reports for decision making by the management

As SAP Partners, our expertise lies in configuring the above functionalities according to the needs of your business.

SAP is the third largest independent software supplier in the world with more than 12 million users, 121,000 installations worldwide, more than 1,500 SAP partners, over 25 industry-specific business solutions, and more than 41,200 customers in 120 countries. SAP has come a long way from 1972 when five former IBM employees set up Systems, Applications and Processing in Data Management – thankfully shortened to SAP – in Mannheim, Germany. Their intention was to “develop standard application software for real-time business processing. The first fruit of this ambition was R/1, followed by R/2. Close to 5 decades of R&D has resulted in such world-class products like SAP Business One. As SAP Partners, we are proud be associated with a company with such a legacy.

The formula for successful implementation of an ERP for any business is the feature set of the ERP combined with the flexibility of the implementation partner. When there is a perfect match between these two factors, the output usually will be of top quality. When either of the factors falters, this results in huge wastage of time, money & efforts for both organization & the implementation partner. As everyone knows that SAP Business One is the numero-uno ERP for the small & medium enterprises, there is a huge responsibility on our shoulders to reach the expectation as the partners of SAP in implementing SAP Business One. As SAP partners and having implemented SAP Business One for more than 20 organizations, we are known for our flexibility in helping our customers in implementing SAP Business One.

Majority of the implementation partners feel that their job ends once they are done with implementing the ERP. They often forget the fact that employees are the ones who will decide the success of an implementation and there is a popular misconception that one should impress the Owner or the key decision maker of the organization at the time of implementing the ERP. This results in a flop implementation when the employees of the organization resist the thought of adapting themselves to a new system because of numerous reasons. The responsibility of motivation & training lies with both the organization & the SAP Partners and this leads to the success of the implementation. As preferred SAP Partners with experience in handling the employees of many organizations, we make sure that every employee embraces SAP Business One with interest on par with the decision maker.

Like any ERP, SAP Business One is subject to constant improvements because of continuous change in technologies, business objectives, new ideas and shift in the mindsets. As committed SAP partners, it is our responsibility to take care of your SAP Business One implementation through every update and upgrade!

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