Combining Capability & Commitment

Delivering 100% Go Live SAP BusinessOne Projects

The choice of the right SAP Partner is critical to the success of SAP BusinessOne investment. It takes both capability & commitment to deliver a robust ERP solution that meets customers’ needs completely and promptly. At Aswini IT, our approach is to help our customers go live at the earliest by investing a dedicated team of domain/technical professionals and a thorough business need assessment across the organisation.

Over the past 8 years, as SAP Partners we have an immaculate track record of 100% Go-Live implementations of SAP Business One to more than 20 Business corporations with turn-overs of 10 Crore – 500 Crore.


What drives us?


To enable every business establishment, regardless of size, access the power of IT to grow their business efficiently and profitably.


What directs us?


Deliver customer satisfaction by ensuring the enterprise application products and services are robust, cost-effective and time-bound.


Aswini Integrated Technologies is one of the leading SAP BusinessOne implementation companies from Hyderabad.  As a SAP Parter, Aswini IT has come to be recognized for its deep domain and technical capabilities and absolute dependability in smooth implementation. Aswini IT is part of Aswini Group, a market leader in FMCG category with sales spread across India, S.E & S.W. Asia. Aswini group’s products enjoy market leadership position built on the values of quality, integrity and affordability.

Vast Experience

Vast experience in SAP BusinessOne implementation across industries & across the country.

Competent Team

Competent and stable development team for smooth project implementation.

Assessment of Client Needs

Direct customer interaction with development team ensures clear assessment of client needs.

After-Sales Support

Dedicated after-sales support to ensure your SAP BusinessOne solution runs at its peak always

Clientele from Diverse Industries

When your business is on a growth path, you need a system that maximises productivity, optimizes resources and updates promptly for real-time decision making. Only a system that is robust and which can evolve with your business needs will do for this.

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