Crack the puzzle called Manufacturing!

Is your manufacturing business facing problems related to manpower? Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the profitability and compete with low priced products from countries like China? Are you facing problems related to inventory management? Worried about Adverse demand & supply situations? Are you concerned about the optimum utilization of plant’s resources? Are the constantly changing regulations bugging you? Is the maintenance cost driving you mad?

You are not alone and the positive news is you are at the right place! We have been attending to hundreds of such concerns and challenges faced by many of our clients over the past decade. We have come a long way and can proudly say that we have progressed immensely in arresting such problems. Some of them, in fact, threatened to shut down some businesses as well.

The ERP solution for manufacturing based on SAP Business One developed and customized by us is born on the factory floor by taking hundreds of challenges in the account, faced by businesses from diverse manufacturing industries. From Problems Solving, Streamlining to innovating some crucial processes, We are on a mission to help Medium and Small industries simplify and succeed to the fullest.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing helps your business in increasing the productivity of the workforce and machinery, thereby be a part of your success story in manufacturing timeless creations.  This, in turn, results in customer delight which is directly proportional to profitability.

This highly scalable, integrated and modular solution is suitable for Single Plant, Multi-plant, Multi-Geography and multi-brand organizations that adapts to all kinds of manufacturing businesses and comes with the other functions of your business that includes procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, supply chain, planning, sales & marketing, asset maintenance, finance and Human resources.

  • Track, Measure and Monitor

  • Automate and Schedule Work

  • Plan your material requirements right!

  • Double your Productivity*

  • Manage regulatory compliances

  • Keep your customers happy!

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Redefining the Manufacturing Process

By monitoring the quality, quantity, and complexity of the manufacturing process from Shop floor to Top floor, from raw materials to finished goods, We have industry-specific experience in customizing the perfect ERP for your manufacturing business to handle the objectives that change constantly depending on various socio-economic factors. In this process, we have transformed many factory floors into centers for excellence. Some of the capabilities of our solution include

  • Work schedule management & Automation
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Material requirements planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Manpower Management & Planning
  • Support for Multiple modes of manufacturing
  • Parts, Lists, Compositions & Formula Management
  • Production Monitoring and Control
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Product Data Management

Many Industries, As many manufacturing solutions

We believe that no two manufacturing businesses are the same and this tailor-made solution is developed by experts from different industry backgrounds specific to their industries by keeping in mind the numerous challenges faced by them on their day to day journey.

Food & Beverage

Let’s take care of all the processes related to Recipe and Formula Management, Material and Package Costing, Allergen Management, Shelf Life Determination, Nutritional Labelling, Halal and Kosher Management, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and much more!


We can customize an ERP solution specific to the manufacturing processes related to various Transmission, Access and Core network equipment such as SDH-based multiplexers, Carrier Ethernet solutions, RF & Microwave antennas, Repeaters & Switches, etc.

Oil & Gas

Let’s streamline the flow of data, focusing on the needs of both upstream (exploration and production) and downstream customers (refining and petrochemicals) that include managing equipment maintenance, Work Orders, Service Logs and many other functions


Let’s design a comprehensive pharmaceutical ERP solution that is cGMP & 21CFR Part11 compliant and takes care of FDA compliance, FIFO-FEFO batch determination, shelf life monitoring, traceability, electronic batch record, 102 GxP In-built controls and many more!

Medical Devices

Let’s customize an ERP for medical devices related to machining, casting, grinding, polishing, metal injection molding and rapid manufacturing for Orthopedics, Surgical Instruments & Technologies, Diagnostic Apparatus, Cardiovascular Devices, Diabetes Devices, Dental Instruments & Technologies and others


Track and monitor stock Flow & Forecasting, Fuel and Transportation Costs, Disintermediation, Imports, Exports, Operating Cost Efficiency, Government Regulations, Auditing and many more functions related to the distribution systems with our customized ERP.


Monitor all the KPIs of dairy business such as the details related to Collection Centre, Chilling Centre, Processing Centre, Cooperative, Rate Chart, Retail Sales, Tanker Sales, Dairy Stores Inventory and much more with the help an ERP that is a perfect fit for your Dairy business.

Cement Industry

The biggest pain points of the cement industry are demand and supply coordination, rising power costs, performance of your captive mines, equipments and shifts, rising maintenance costs and planning freight and logistics. With an properly customized ERP solution for the cement industry, address each one the pain point with precision.


A fully omnichannel ERP that can generate accurate forecasts of sales, can efficiently handle multiple product dimensions, manage product life-cycle transitions from season to season, forecast the changing season, trends, and product transitions, take care of the returns and Quick ordering systems to streamline the point of sale.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Take advantage of our comprehensive ERP for your personal care product manufacturing business that can take care Business Intelligence, Complete and accurate information history, Bill Of Materials, Inventory Management, Multiple Pricing methodologies and Kit and After sales process.

Automotive Industry

Ramp up your automotive manufacturing business by optimizing operations and reducing risk. Get every tool to manage volatile demand, innovation, supply chain complexities, industry and customer compliance, and employee skills in order to obtain or retain a preferred supplier status.

What’s your industry?

The global manufacturing industry is growing, and manufacturers in many regions are faced with increased production and demand for more affordable, high-quality products with a deep focus on customer satisfaction. Let’s customize an ERP that suits your manufacturing business

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