Though SAP Business One can help you in many ways, choosing the right SAP partner unlocks the true potential of your business. SAP Partners like us come with huge domain experience in the field if business technologies thanks to our experience in deploying the ERP for 20 Plus organizations cutting across industries. We can help you in solving the existing pain points, any immediate threats or scaling up your systems to help you scale up your business operations.  With our proven expertise in the technologies & the mechanism of SAP Business One, we can come up detailed strategies according to your business objective.

We do that by analysing your existing set-up in an extremely unbiased way. As integrity & ethics are an integral part in the definition of being a partner, we take it in a extremely serious way to weigh the pros & cons of the existing system & guide you in making an informed decision to have SAP Business One in the place of the existing set-up. Even if it is at the cost of Business, we do not push the product down your throat just to sell it. We believe in being true partners in your entrepreneurial journey. In order to do that, we dwelve in to the very basics of the current systems & give you a projection of how a new system like SAP Business One in place can benefit your business & its impact on the revenues, employee satisfaction etc. Some of the questions that may arise are

  • What are your Short, Medium & Long term business objectives?
  • Do you need an ERP in place to achieve those objectives?
  • What kind of ERP do you need to deploy?
  • Do you need a proprietary ERP or an Open Source one?
  • If it is a proprietary ERP, Why SAP Business One & not others?
  • Can the existing system be tweaked to improve performance instead of going all out with a new ERP?
  • Do you really need a certified SAP partner to customize SAP Business One ERP for you? Or can anybody with some knowledge on SAP can do the job?
  • If you have made up your mind to deploy SAP Business One, whom should you partner with & what to look for when partnering with a certified SAP Partner?
  • What kind of customization can improve your system & what are the strategies to be used to arrive at the best output?

There are many more questions that can arise from time to time & a right SAP partner should be in a position to answer every complex question that springs up from time to time.