SAP Business One Starter Pack

The SAP Business One Starter package is a version of industry-proven application that captures the best features for small businesses at a very low price. Available through SAP channel partners, the starter package is a preconfigured solution for up to five software users, which usually can be implemented at a fixed price. It can be customized according to the needs of a small business and, depending on the scope of the project.

The starter package addresses basic accounting, financial, sales, customer relationship management, purchasing, and inventory processes. And if your business needs change, you can upgrade to the full version of SAP Business one. Simply import your new licenses, and you’ll be ready to run with the extended functionality. You don’t have to buy new soft-ware, disrupt operations, or migrate your data. The starter package is ideal for growing companies that need more than standard accounting software, are limited by spreadsheets or nonintegrated business software, and want to comprehend the efficiency, visibility, and control that a fully integrated business management solution delivers.

Target Customers

    • Customers without any business management system at all, with a pure accounting package or with a non-integrated business management system requiring a small and cost-effective ERP system with maximum 5 users
    • Growing companies or start-ups
    • Key industries include: Wholesale, Retail (low volume, high-value item), and light professional services


The starter package for the SAP® Business One application is an integrated business management solution for small companies. It addresses your fundamental business requirements with basic finance, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, and inventory functionality. You’ll gain instant visibility and control while building a stable software foundation to support your evolving business needs.

Business Challenges

  • Meet growing business needs with an integrated yet affordable business management
  • software solution
  • Access the right information to make key decisions
  • Minimize duplicate data entries, errors, and delays
  • Build and maintain closer customer relationships
  • Optimize cash flow for business needs

Key Features

  • Accounting and financials – Manage your general ledger, journals, and accounts payable and receivable
  • Sales and customer relationship management– Track sales opportunities from first contact to the close of sale, and manage and maintain customer contacts
  • Purchasing and vendor relationship management– Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns
  • Inventory and distribution– Manage your inventory and operations, including delivery and billing
  • Reporting and administration– Access critical business information to generate timely and accurate reports

Business Benefits

  • Streamline business processes and help ensure efficient and effective operations
  • Meet core business needs in a single, integrated software solution that can be expanded as your business grows
  • Achieve greater peace of mind knowing your business is being supported by SAP
  • Gain faster time to value by using software that can be implemented quickly at a fixed price, requires little maintenance, and minimizes end-user training
  • Maximize your return on investment by beginning with the starter package and upgrading to the extended functionality if needed

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