SAP Business One – Manage Accounting, Cash Flow and Banking Transactions of your Business

SAP Business One Financial and Accounting application functionalities gives you a complete set of tools that help manage every part of your organization’s finances. It offers applications for general ledger, journal entries, budget management, reporting, and multi-currency support. With SAP Business One, your business can manage the cash flow, tracking the budgets and look at real and planned figures at any time to get a precise and exceptional picture of your business. You can promptly make benefit and afterward allocate income and costs to distribution rules, which are adjustable particularly for your business needs.

Banking and reconciliation tools of SAP Business One help businesses manage complete payment processing – including transactions, checks, bank reconciliations, credit cards and many more.

SAP Business One offers effective reports, analytics, and other powerful tools to help you fulfill the financial analysis and reporting needs of your business. With the fully integration with all aspects of your business including sales, inventory, you get the complete review of your business execution that allow you to take instant actions.

Business Challenges

Inefficient accounting and financial processes with lot of errors due to the duplicate data.
Entries and absence of integration between financial and key business activities, such as purchasing, warehousing, and sales.
Inadequate access to the full scope of exact budgetary data expected to finish month-end closings.

Key Functionalities

Financial Accounting
Manage all your financial exchanges – including journal entries, ledger, planning, and record setup and support – in one framework, with complete tools and reports. Accounting – The graph of records lists of account indexes that are utilized by one or more organizations

Journal Entries
Journal entries are posted automatically from the business, purchasing, and banking activities permitting you to make new Journal entries and quest for existing ones.

Conversion scale differences
You can assess your open things in remote monetary standards, then distinguish contrasts and pick the proper rectification transaction.

Financial report templates
You can produce numerous number of financial report layouts.

You can characterize and oversee spending plans on existing records to look at real and arranged figures. The software alerts you at whatever point an exchange surpasses a month to month or yearly spending plan limit.

Posting Templates
You can characterize general record account task models, sparing time and keeping away from slip-ups amid the manual posting of journal entries.

Benefit center report
Reports depend on incomes and expenses, both direct and indirect. You can run reports for any benefit focus every year or month to month to contrast the outcomes and figures for the past period.

Features of SAP Business One Financial Management

Benefits you get,

Removal of duplicate entries and errors found- via automating the majority of your financial processes with one unique solution.
Close your books much faster with the automating processes and being able to get to exact and financial data in real time.
Make better business decisions-integrating you’re financial information with alternate ranges of your business, you will achieve a brought together financial perspective with the SAP Business One finance application.