Is your business facing the below challenges?

  • Do different employees in your company use different software applications to get their work done?
  • Does your organization suffering from miscommunications between other departments or between manufacturing and sales teams?
  • Does your organization facing difficulty with teaming up easily and quickly between sales, production, marketing teams with new ideas of products and development?
  • Do individuals duplicate efforts? Would you like your team to be more effective and productive while working on a same project?
  • Does your organization in need of Reports on financial data?

SAP Business One is a Business Management Software from SAP for small and medium sized organizations, a single application used for various multiple tasks – without being proficient in several other applications to get an exact picture of information you need.

Why SAP Business One

SAP Business One Software Application is designed especially for small and medium sized organizations – It’s a single, affordable, easy to use application that helps better manage your business daily operations.
SAP, a world pioneer in providing Business Management Software for more than 30 years – performed more than 30,000 SAP Business One Installments around the world.

Benefits your business get,

  • Streamline your daily operations via consistently coordinating the key business forms.
  • Take proactive control of your business through programmed alerts, work processes, and response to important business events and client needs.
  • Customize SAP Business One to help your business changing needs and individual customer requirements with quick and easy to use customization tools.
  • SAP Business One offers you with instant access to your basic business data (when you need)—to maintain your business. This application covers all your business core operations, giving you keen understanding so you can certainly settle on informed business decisions.

SAP Business One Product Coverage image

Why is SAP Business One Unique?

SAP Business One is an integrated, easy to use, affordable, business Management Solution developed to meet the quick and long haul needs of small and medium sized Businesses (SMBs).It gives a genuine view and management of operations crosswise over client relationship Management, and Finance.

A Comprehensive Business Management Solution

SAP Business One provides every critical organization function, helping you to keep focused of your business and develops productivity. SAP Business One application is a must have for all small and mid – sized businesses to run and meet new requirements.

Nontechnical clients have the ability to roll out basic improvements all alone, and the application can easily provide new functionalities when required.

Access to Precise, Instant Data

Quick access to relevant, accurate business data from the desktop with:

  • A simple, easy to use user interface allowing you get answers quick and work all the more proficiently and proactively.
  • Unique and simple to use Drag&Relate™ feature that immediately puts data and transactions in specific formats (as you need) and let you access data to answer the questions.
  • Consistent Integration with Microsoft Office products like, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Decision Makers can take quick and key action with Instant Notifications

Instantly gives you the updates and keeps you on top of issues that require important activity with:

  • Workflow based alerts to screen and make a move on particular business actiities.
  • Exemption Management that detects, logs, and reports on special cases

Adaptable and Flexible to Meet Your Existing and Future Business Needs

Powerful customized Tools let you tailor the application to meet you’re changing business needs. For instance:

  • Clients can point toward their requirements for fields, data type, inquiries, and reports without tedious IT involvement Changes go live promptly over every single significant area, so you can adjust the application to fit the way you work together

An Affordable and Easy-to- Use and Implement Solution

Quick implementation times guarantee that you understand the complete advantages of SAP Business One through its features like:

  • A simple user interface and a Microsoft Windows environment to essentially decrease the expectation to learn and adapt
  • A simple, single-server structural planning that maintains the whole SAP Business One Solution
  • Customized organization capacities that streamline operation and upkeep and essentially lower continuous expenses

How does SAP Business One help my business?

Your organization’s developing quickly. Your days are inundated with the continuous activities it takes to deal with that extension. You might need to stress over is whether your product meets your business needs. With SAP Business One, you can coordinate your business, improved customer service, and settle on more-informed business decisions.

Spend your valuable time to run your Business instead running your Software

You can save your time and money when sales, manufacturing and finance are all managed together. You might be surprised how it can happen? You’ll minimize authoritative tasks, for example, data entry and manual, paper-based acquirement. With SAP Business One, you can coordinate your sales with client relationship Management service, bookkeeping and more. When you associate the greater part of your business solutions, daily activities are automated, so your time is allowed to concentrate on more essential needs, such as developing your business.

Decisions are vital

A right business decision is a key for every company to run and grow. How can you achieve it? This requires accurate, instant and complete data. But, storing the data in files would doesn’t work out for you in any way.

Searching it down will cost you time. SAP Business One can offer you with aggregating information, for example, sales figures, stock, warehouse numbers, supplier insights and pricing statistics. Furthermore, you can make custom reports that help you:

  • To Identify where your business is best and more successful at.
  • Identify where you have to focus more for strategic planning

With access to these reports, your people can:

    • Easily satisfy the vast requests by organizing delivery of important segments
    • Better time deliveries by proactively tending to issues
    • Estimate potential income
    • Monitor and manage sales opportunities

Better Access to Data for the Customer Service

It’s very important to keep the current clients happy and satisfied while you pull in new ones. Monitoring who they are, their needs, and what kind of products and services they use is critical. So it’s essential to keep up present and precise data.

Find the Right solution for your business with Aswini IT

AswiniTech is one of the largest and oldest partners of SAP B1 and promoter for small and mid – sized organizations. We have longstanding relationship with our customers providing SAP Business Management Software Solutions – a single application used for multiple tasks without making use of various other applications to get an exact picture of information.

Most of the clients overall use,

iVend Retail – A complete Retail Management Suite, Inventory Pro – A Warehouse and Inventory Management Software
iMatrix – Inventory Tracking Solution
iPlan – Inventory Planning Software,
iView – Business insight Software and
iCharge – Credit Card solutions and many more.

At Aswini IT, our experts work nearly to understand your business operations, procedures and systems, including your business necessities. Our implementation services are carefully adjusted to SAP Business One to include: key planning, characterizing business needs, Software design, setup, building, testing, planning, upgrading and maintaining. Aswini IT Implementation process applies the PMI standards for project management system. The system identifies five key procedures.

  • Initiation
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Control and
  • Finish