Online Commerce made easy with SAP Business One E- Commerce Solutions

The e-commerce solution in the SAP Business One application allows you to grow your business online with Web stores that make it simple for users discovering the products. It likewise gives a single, coordinated solution for dealing with your business both online and offline.

With its e-commerce functionality, the SAP Business One application completely integrates Web stores with back-end inventory management and request fulfillment. This allows you to offer on the web, precisely track your stock, and deliver the privilege items to your customers on time. It gives you a chance to make graphical online inventories and shopping carts so your users or customers can easily search and buy the products they like on the internet.

It contains a full set of comprehensive tools for making a Web page that best reflects your business and draws in new and returning clients. You can dole out numerous pictures to your products and, show definite data about them. You can make it simple for clients to discover particular items in all categories furthermore, subcategories and to design certain sorts of items into packaged, all in one purchases and increase end-to-end e-commerce functionalities.

Business Challenges

Increasing pressure to cut out the expenses, build income, and draw in new clients
To release an e-commerce solution for your business which is quick and easy to maintain
Business Processes and Software Functions support.

Key Functionalities

Online index – Easily distribute your stock as an online list and offer things on Online storefronts
Product design – Enable clients to effectively pick and pick which things will be packaged into a last item
Inventory accessibility – Display accessibility and lapse dates so clients can preorder and backorder the products.
Pricing and rebates – Create and oversee value records and produce limited time rebates also, coupons
Shopping carts– Allow clients to store their chose things in internet shopping carts
Order handling and billing– Automatically produce the essential request documentation, email an affirmation to every client, figure the right expenses, dole out the privilege delivering and taking care of charges, and set up installment alternatives for clients
Marketing and advancement – Integrate advertisements and special things to trigger the additional purchases.
Up-selling and cross-selling– Recommend proposals for integral items by demonstrating clients what different purchasers with comparable hobbies have bought

Features of SAP Business One E Commerce Solutions

SAP Business One - E_Commerce Solution - Features

Benefits you get,

Increased revenues– Broaden your business sector reach and develop your business
Improved consumer loyalty – Create the ideal web shopping knowledge for purchasers to get to and buy your items
Faster, more proficient e-business improvement – Take your items online effortlessly utilizing a full arrangement of Web outline instruments
Stronger brand picture – Build your online vicinity in view of your own criteria