Convert Prospects into customers with SAP Business One CRM

Acquiring customers is important for every business to be successful, however maintaining that sensitive relationship with the customers is pretty much crucial. The industry leading SAP Business One application provides the powerful tools that help your business turn prospects into customers, build sales, and provide increased customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One CRM functionality includes sales and opportunity management tools that help create quotes, enter requests, perform continuous accessibility checks over every one of your warehouses, and deliveries. You are allowed to record all new sales opportunities with related data, for example, lead source, size, and the sales stage. You can synchronize your contacts and opportunities between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook with increased instant accessibility to customer private data from your email.

Business Challenges

Transforming opportunities into sales.
Manage all business (sales) contacts securely.
Maintain real time user satisfaction
Access the data related to sales and reports when ever needed

Key Functionalities

Sales Opportunity Management – Allows tracking the sales opportunities and effectively manage entire sales process regular activities all through from start of the contact to till close of the sale.

Customer contacts – Store and secure all private client information in one place, with dashboard reviews of all important data

Service Management– Efficiently manages and control warranty and administration contracts; enter and react to the service calls instantly with no delay. The reporting functionalities of SAP Business One provide you a real time outline of your service process; know call volumes and duration’s.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook – Manage and keep up client contacts easily with Microsoft Outlook synchronization. You can synchronize calendar schedules to your regular activities and import client information from SAP Business One into your Microsoft outlook contacts list.

Analysis and Reporting– Create reports including details regarding each part of the business process – includes sales forecasting, pre-defined report templates that save lot of time and also pipeline tracking.

Web -based customer management – With the web CRM solution you can give your business group secure access to client information over the Web wherever they are. Give a Web-based interface to your clients so they can log request and check request status

Features of SAP Business One CRM

SAP Business One - Customer Relationship Management- Features

Benefits you get,

Produce high revenue sales with right products and services, with a detailed 360 – degree view of your business customers and their needs.
Increased customer fulfillment in result of quick response to the service calls and effective problem solving functionalities.
Improved decision making with accurate data provided on every aspect of sales process