SAP B1 – Retail One Add-on

An end to end business integration tool that gives small businesses an ongoing insight into the whole business for better, more informed decision making. Fully on-line and offline functionalities of the trading, – your system continues working without any distraction.

Stay connected with a complete retail solution that uses SAP Business One for head office operations and to oversee stores and POS operations.  Hold customers and manage customer correspondence with CRM and consistent projects to hold clients returning to your stores. A touch screen interface gives you an adjustable and expert look. Quick, simple and accurate transaction processing system – improves the user’s shopping experience with less training to staff.

SAP Business One Retail Software Benefits,

  • Expand the sales by decreasing stock-outs, so you have the right things close by when users shop in the store
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and faithfulness with quick reaction to customer needs
  • POS Integrated having functionalities with look-ups, security (counting CCTV), cash ups, lay-bys, and credit cards.
  • Reduced reconciliation by closing the loop to sales, credit card installment and bank statements.
  • Reduced inventory expenses through exact and streamlined stock and circulation forms
  • Build agility by foreseeing client request and reacting rapidly
  • Expand your business sector reach with online presence and sales.