SAP Business One – an affordable application designed for small businesses growth

Run your business better with SAP Business One application – a single, affordable application created especially for small and for mid-size organizations that need to completely coordinate their business operations and improve productivity.

Designed through powerful co-development with SAP partners, the SAP Business One applications helps businesses speed time to value, encourages business adaptability, and improves convenience and affordability.

Integrating all critical business functions- SAP Business One supports sales, customer relationship management (CRM), production, Inventory operations, financials, and human resources. Business data integrated in a single framework is accessible instantly over the association, disposing of duplicate information passage along with related mistakes and consequent costs. Work process based alerts trigger pre-response when vital business occasions happen, so you can screen and concentrate on those that are generally critical.

SAP Business One – Financial Management

SAP Business One offers completely integrated financial and banking functionalities for your business, across – board tracking, reporting, management and control of all key financial and accounting processes details in your company.

SAP Business One – E- Commerce Solutions

The e-commerce solutions functionality in SAP Business One application help you can develop your business, bring down overhead expenses, and improve consumer satisfaction. It enables you to make an online store where users can easily view your products or services and buy them on the Web.

SAP Business One – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Business One Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows small businesses effectively manage their relationship with all prospects, clients, suppliers, trading partners and other business partners. Convert more and more opportunities to sales, deal with the greater part of your business related contacts, access necessary sales information at whatever point it’s required and achieve customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One – Crystal reports

Transform data from any data source into an advanced, quick and interactive report – effectively – with SAP Crystal Reports. This powerful, easy to use application can help small and mid-sized businesses deliver key insights of all parts of their business to the right decision maker, at right time, in right format.

SAP Business One – Warehouse Management

Accurate, streamlined warehouse and inventory management is critical for any small businesses to deliver and also to maintain customer satisfaction and stock expense control. Tools in SAP Business One application help you manage warehouse data, track and release production details in view of your material requirement plan.